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Make yourself and your wellbeing a priority 

Book a FREE 30 minute consultation call to begin your journey of transformation.


I help high achievers in corporate jobs with re-prioritising their health and diets so that they are able to build permanent and sustainable habits

Keeping you accountable on your path to a balanced and fulfilled life

Do you ever tell yourself that you know what you need to do to be your best self and the changes you need to make, but it never happens?  Be it drinking less, quitting smoking, having more of the millions of kale smoothies out there. I am here to make sure that happens.

I delve into why these changes are important for you and how to make them happen. But more importantly, I aim to make these changes sustainable so that even after working with me, you are able to keep cultivating new healthy habits for yourself.

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Tara S.

The session with Gwen was very enlightening from the start. She has a way of directing the conversation that helps you discover yourself .  Her words and temperament are very leveled - opening up to her feels easy and safe.

Jhanvi P.

I feel like a new person with simple, sustainable, moderate changes to my food and lifestyle.  Little changes that have impacted in a big way
Reduction in stress and an increase in energy.  Also improvement in my psoriasis and reduction of sugar cravings

Miren C.

She allows her clients to be themselves and gives them a safe space to explore their issues


I've quit smoking and am more conscious of my routines for self-care. 


I am kinder to myself. I didn't realise how self-destructing I was under the guise of being "driven", "goal-oriented" and "hard-working". 

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