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Featured most recently in the South China Morning Post, Gwen Siu has been very vocal about how she overcame a suicide attempt and her stuggles with drugs and alcohol. Now she is on a mission to share her story with the world and inspire others to be happier and healthier.

South China Morning Post

From drink, drugs and suicide attempts to being happier and healthier than ever: how one woman found what her soul needed, and is helping others do the same. 

Gwen Siu struggled with her successful yet stressful life; feeling overcome with despair after leaving her job, she tried to kill herself with alcohol and drugs. A silent retreat saw her change her diet and lifestyle, which led to feeling happier than she’d ever been – a link backed up by a number of scientific studies.


Few Experiences
Week Talk

Gwen was invited by Female Entrepreneurs Worldwide to join their experiences week and host a workshop on wealth and wellness. 

It was an interactive session with the audince where she discussed the advantages of self-care. She went through some tips and tricks as to why your life doesn't need to be self-care OR career, but actually  both and the best way to achieve it.

Hive Live Screenshot_edited.jpg

Hive Life

Hive Life caught up with Health Coach Gwen Siu, the Founder of Gwen Siu | Holistic Wellness, about her tips for how high-achieving women can establish a work-life balance. Read more for advice every busy entrepreneur needs to hear. 

Working two full time jobs as the Country Manager of Hong Kong & Singapore at Vivino and the Founder and Health Coach at Gwen Siu | Holistic Wellness, Gwen has her hands full balancing her work and personal life. Gwen shares important insights on the key to establishing a work-life balance as a women entrepreneur in fast-paced environments like Hong Kong. 

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