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I always innately believed that food had the power to heal even when I was a kid. I was the one making crazy tea concoctions trying to heal whatever ailment my loved ones had. It was a natural progression for me to go into the Food & Beverage industry and it was where I spent a good of my career. Learning how to run restaurants as well as how to hone into my love of food.


We all have our own darkness and because it scares us, we find ways to hide. Avoiding these demons for a good part of my life led me to be self-destructive to myself and my loved ones - this was through a variety of different substances that I used as coping mechanisms. I grew up in Hong Kong and it is easily one of the most stressful cities in the world with all of its hustle and bustle. Safe to say, I hit my rock bottom a couple of times and was barely able to pick myself up.


My "aha" moment was realising that I wanted to help people so that they never had to go down the dark roads that I did, and to guide them through all of that and have food as a part of it. The owner of the retreat recommended the Institute of Integrative Nutrition based out of New York, and thats what led me to this point in my life, and I have no plans of turning back.

Since then, I no longer abuse substances, have quit smoking and eat consciously which for me means a predominantly plant-based diet.  Through all of this, I found my peace and my dharma.

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